The Istrian cuisine will delight you with its variety and harmony. Sometimes it gracefully showcases its Mediterranean face, and other times its continental side, easily adapting to the seasons, complemented by premium olive oils and a variety of excellent wines.

Mediterranean cuisine represents a unique culture of preparing and enjoying dishes, developed and established in the regions along the Mediterranean coast. The culinary staples of this cuisine include olives, seafood, fish, shellfish, lemons, and figs.

Continental cuisine confirms the rule of the connection between geography and gastronomy. In that sense, it can be said that the harsher climate of northern Croatia, with its long and cold winters, is one of the reasons why this cuisine is characterized by "heavier" and more fatty meat-based dishes, spicy spices, and pickled vegetables.

In Istria, the food and drink offerings are diverse, ranging from local taverns to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Istria is rich in olive groves, hence the famous olive oils. The most famous olive variety is the Istarska bjelica.

Autochthonous olive varieties include: Črnica, Buža, Buža minuda, Buža puntoža, Drobnica, Istarska bjelica, Karbonaca, Žižolera, Moražola, Rošinjola.

Introduced olive varieties: Cipressino, Coratina, Cucco, Frantoio, Grossa di Spagna, Itrana, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Picholine, Rosciola.

Olive oil producers

  1. Chiavalon (Vodnjan)
  2. Ipša (Oprtalj)
  3. Mate (Savudrija)
  4. Olea B.B. (Labin - Rabac)
  5. AI Torcio (Novigrad)

Istria has numerous vineyards and wine cellars for wine lovers. The most famous white wine is "Malvazija," and the most renowned red wine is "Teran."


  1. Clai (Buje)
  2. Coronica (Umag)
  3. Degrassi (Savurdija)
  4. Kabola (Buje)
  5. Kozlović (Buje)

Istria is famous for the "Istrian Magnificent Truffle." An unusual tuber, unassuming in shape but with an intense aroma - that is the truffle. This rare and precious mushroom that grows in the fertile Istrian soil is a true culinary delight.

There are two types of truffles: white truffle and black truffle.

The Istrian white truffle is one of the most esteemed in the world.

Interesting Facts

Spring of istrian wines

Spring on the Istrian Peninsula is abundant with events dedicated to wine. Easter Monday brings the wine showcase of central Istria in Gračišće, an old town on a hill near Pazin.

In May, the prestigious Vinistra begins in Poreč, a modern exhibition that gathers the best winemakers from Istria and the surrounding regions.

In spring, make sure not to miss the Open Wine Cellar Day on the last Sunday in May, a great opportunity to explore the abundant Istrian wine scene while touring the peninsula.

According to tradition, on the day of Saint Martin, young wine is baptized, marking the end of its alcoholic fermentation and transformation from must into wine. The entire Istria region celebrates this symbolic moment in wine culture with various festivities, particularly honoring white Malvasia and black Teran.

Truffle days in Istria

The month of October is reserved for truffles. During that time, in Livade, a well-known truffle center near Motovun, a series of events take place on weekends in honor of this undisputed king among mushrooms. However, both before and after that, throughout most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of this noble fungus and abounds with celebrations in its honor. In October, the TeTa event takes place, featuring a one-day exhibition and wine tastings of Teran and truffles.

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